Support Needed


The European Union recognises the importance of ensuring security and diversity of natural gas supply to the European Union and in particular to the countries of Central and South Eastern Europe.
Potential project partners will focus to include the Eastring project in Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) in the nearest possible term and in the same time to obtain a status of Project of Common Interest (PCI). Obtained PCI status will mean the highest political support of the EU for the project implementation. In the same time, inclusion of the project to the PCI list would make it eligible for EU funding and thus would reduce the burden on funds from other sources of financing.

Eligible project must have:

  • Significant benefits for a minimum of two Member States;
  • Contribute to market integration and further competition;
  • Enhance security of supply;
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.

As the project will bring a positive impact to the broader community we are convinced that PCI status will be granted to Eastring.


At the same time Governmental and Inter-Governmental Agreements (IGA) should be signed as soon as possible to support the cooperation among future partner countries – Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

Project Partners

We concentrate our effort to meet, discuss and conclude Memorandums of Understanding with potential project partners from concerned countries and even first tier gas companies from Europe and Turkey.

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