Capacity & Construction

After technical meetings and discussion with potential future partners, Eastring’s route has been suggested to respect mainly environmental and social sensitive areas whenever possible.

One of the most significant effect on the project investment has design and selection process of an pipeline components. The preliminary stage of simulations and optimisation of construction and capacity is underway, including initial deciding for design of large diameter pipelines, compressor stations, metering stations and block valve stations.

Eastring construction includes only onshore section which will be approximately 846 – 1,029 kilometres in total, depending on a chosen routing option:

  • Routing option A consists of a new pipeline section (19 km in Slovakia, 88 km in Hungary and 725 km in Romania) as well as an existing transmission infrastructure in Romania (183 km) and Bulgaria (259 km) which could be utilized to the maximal possible extent.
  • Routing option B consists only of new pipeline of 19 km in Slovakia, 88 km of Hungary, 651 km in Romania and 257 km in Bulgaria.

Both routing options have their merits of passing the storage areas and production facilities of Romania.

The new pipeline will have a diameter DN1400 (inner diameter approximately 1.387 meters) and maximum operating pressure will be 94 bars. Once built, the pipeline will be invisible for the entire route. Only facilities such as the compressor stations and metering stations will be above ground and they will be designed, constructed to have minimum environmental impact.

Above ground facilities will include two or three compressor stations with units for discharged pressure, maximum four metering stations in total and block valve stations serving for maintenance purposes or in an emergency placed every 20 - 40 km apart along the pipeline. These technologies will be used to ensure secure gas transmission in desired amount and quality through the pipeline. In its first phase of one-directional flow of 20 bcm, only the existing compressor station in Veľké Kapušany with installed power almost 300MW and state of the art technology will be utilized which will help to minimize any adverse effect on the environment during construction. In its second phase, when bi-directional flow mode will be put into operation, it would be necessary to construct two new compressor stations at the beginning of the Eastring transmission system in Bulgaria and Romania. In its final phase, for upgrading to maximum technical capacity up to 40 bcm, only additional compressor station technologies will be necessary.

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