Project Opportunities

By implementation of the Eastring project Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria will benefit on a strategic level by enhancing their status on the European energy map. It will also create more competitive and liquid energy market which will give a base for creation of energy gas hub in the concerned region.

For Companies and their Professionals

Building a pipeline is a complex process. Eastring will provide a range of opportunities for many local, national and international companies and individuals to contribute to the project as suppliers and service providers. It will be a challenge to put their state-of-the-art skills into the practice.

For Countries along the Pipeline Route

Being a part of such a complex project, concerned countries will also enjoy direct and indirect benefits which are:

  • Increase in the investment activities
  • Contribution to Gross Domestic Product (taxes)
  • Positive impact on a state budget via shareholder’s stakes in the nationals’ TSOs (dividends)
  • Procurement of goods and services through eligible suppliers
  • New job creations
  • Social, environmental and other development investments


Since the project is planned to be connected to the Slovak transmission system, company Eustream is willing to play the key role in the entire project implementation. Eastring will provide Eustream the opportunity to utilize its existing pipelines in a greater scale and facilitate supply of the natural gas within Europe from different sources.


Eastring will provide Hungary the opportunity to be a part of the European gas transit map and will increase of attractiveness of the Hungarian Underground Storage Facilities (UGS) for the Balkans.

Constructing new pipeline will attract new investments and create new jobs especially during the construction phase.


Eastring will open a room for Romania to substantially strengthen its position as a key player in the European energy market. The project will also facilitate development and export of its future prospective natural gas reserves from the Romanian Black Sea area.

At the same time, Eastring will be creating new jobs during and after construction and generating stable and predictable revenues for Romanian transmission company and state budget and government.


By establishing Eastring, the project will secure a supply in case of flow disruption and facilitate development of contemplated gas trading platform. Bulgaria will become one of the key players regarding of natural gas transit from the Caspian region towards Europe.

Once in operation, Eastring will provide stable and predictable revenues to the state budget.