Eastring Routing

The Eastring project was considered in more variants, different in the routing options and in the level of utilization of the existing infrastructure. Three routing options were analyzed in the Eastring Feasibility Study starting from the Slovak compressor stations in Veľké Kapušany or Veľké Zlievce and finishing in two versions. Version A ends at the Bulgarian state border with Turkey (Malcoçlar) and Version B ends at the Black Sea coast in Pasha Dere, Bulgaria. The shortest route is Option 1A with 1030 km.

The Eastring Feasibility Study showed that Option 2A (blue route) ending in Malcoçlar is the most feasible route from the technical and environmental point of view. Option 2A starts at the Slovak compressor station in Veľké Zlievce, then it continues through the central parts of Hungary, it crosses the Carpathians in Romania and the Danube River on the border with Bulgaria. Option 2A ends on the Bulgarian border with Turkey. From the compressor station in Veľké Zlievce it is possible to transmit gas to other parts of Central and Western Europe, but also to Ukraine in reverse flow. Option 2A is 1208 km long.

However, the pipeline routing is still not detailed and it will be further refined in all countries. The data and routing description presented on this website have been compiled for information purposes only.

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