Our Commitment

We are convinced that the Eastring project is committed to adhering to the best industry practice, sustainable development and environmental protection complying with all international and European laws, their principles and spirit.
Eastring’s commitment ranges from providing a security of gas supply within Europe to its contribution to the countries and communities along the pipeline’s route.

To the Environment

Being the cleanest fossil fuel, the natural gas is expected to play an increasingly important role in the European energy mix. Providing higher gas flow within Europe, Eastring will contribute to Europe’s environmental future and its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions to achieve its environmental targets.

To the Community

Communities living along the pipeline’s route will be affected the most. However, Eastring will support environmental, social and other development projects so that the quality of their lives from different aspects will be intact or even improved.

To the Economy

Countries affected by Eastring will receive a boost to their economic development. According to preliminary estimates the project will be the most economic and time efficient among other projects to construct in the concerned region. It will attract new investments and create more competitive and liquid energy market. Moreover, the realisation of the project will bring a job creation especially during the pipeline’s construction phase.

To the Future

In unstable situation on the European gas market and declining domestic gas production in Europe, the project will help to enhance the security of Europe’s energy future by providing diversification of natural gas routes as well as possibility of supplying of new gas sources.