Eastring Vision and Mission

Our vision is to diversify natural gas transmission routes and natural gas sources in Central and South Eastern Europe.

Eastring mission lies in finding a solution which shall enhance:

Internal Energy Market

Eastring project provides the Balkans with yet untapped access to European liquid trading HUBs and thus heavily contributes to competition on these gas markets, providing prospects for lower gas prices and an important step towards the single European gas market.

Energy Market Integration

Eastring helps to fulfil the main idea of North-South and Southern Gas Corridors supported by EC to achieve further market integration. Eastring replaces Nabucco in its original mission and moreover establishes a bidirectional connection between German and Turkish markets (as well as all markets connected to those) and hence represents a major step towards the real Single European Market.

Non-Discriminatory Access

Eastring is a project open to all interested shippers, with unrestricted access to third parties. It is and will be promoted by transmission operators compliant with the existing energy law, without link to a particular shipper.

Security of Supply

Eastring provides an additional access route to the Balkans and effectively helps to mitigate a situation in which the single source of gas import is interrupted. At the same time ENTSOG in its recently conducted winter stress tests identified South Eastern Europe as the single most threatened area in an event of Ukrainian supply disruption.

Diversification of Sources

Eastring, unlike recently abandoned South-Stream project does not provide only an additional route but also provides diversification of sources as it shall allow new potential suppliers namely from the Caspian region to access European markets. Moreover in its capacity its objective is not to bypass the traditional route but rather provide a complementary route.

Efficiency and Environment

Eastring represents the most economic and environmentally friendly solution to achieve the abovementioned targets as it utilized maximum of existing infrastructure, including the large compressor station in Veľké Kapušany.

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