At a Glance

Eastring is a pipeline project. It will not own or sell any natural gas and once available, all its capacity will be offered to any shipper or supplier. Eastring will connect the existing gas infrastructure between Slovakia and Romania/Bulgaria. This will create a major European bidirectional conjunction bringing a great transit potential.

Once built, Eastring will offer direct and most cost-effective transportation route in between the Balkans and the rest of Europe. It will enhance the security of supply as well as it will bring the opportunity of diversification of natural gas sources.

Eastring will transport natural gas from different areas and alternative sources – in its first stage it will provide the Balkans and/or even Turkey with gas from the European gas market. In its final stage, when its bi-directional mode should be in place, Eastring will transit prospective Romanian Black Sea natural gas, Caspian and Middle East natural gas to Europe.

The project is currently in its early stage of negotiations. Eustream actively supports the Eastring project towards its implementation by searching and meeting of the potential project partners mainly from the countries along the proposed pipeline routing. In the same time, we are looking for the sources of financing.

Pipeline Routing

The project is currently considered in more alternative options for rerouting the pipeline and level of usage of the existing infrastructure. The potential future partners have to adopt one with a great care to ensure the best commercial and technical possibilities and cause minimum environmental and social impact. Read more: Routing

Careful Construction

The pipeline will be built using tried and trusted techniques, adhering to environmental protection requirements and respecting the nature of the area along the pipeline’s route. Read more: Capacity & Construction

Capacity to Expand

Eastring initial capacity of 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year with one-directional flow should be provided. This amount covers the whole Balkan’s natural gas annual import. Anticipating future needs, throughput could double to more than 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year by the addition of an extra compressor station and by launching bi-directional flow. Read more: Capacity & Construction

Project Added Value

Thanks to Eastring, a number of already existing projects will improve their flow potential, ensuring that their natural gas will supply many different energy markets within Europe. This project will bring a positive impact within the European community.

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